Private and Small Group Meditation

Personalized Guidance

With private meditation or yoga sessions, you'll receive instruction based on your specific needs. We can assist you with selecting one of our guides to offer a 60-minute (or longer) session to propel you deeper into the practice.

Guests schedule a private session for many reasons:

  • One-on-one guidance in a private, very comfortable and quiet space
  • Grasping the fundamentals
  • Ensure accountability and motivation
  • Learn individualized tools to establish a regular practice
  • Help integrate a meditation practice "off of the cushion" with work, family, and personal relationships
  • Develop an approach to address specific issues (insomnia, work-life balance, etc)
  • Focus on strengthening a particular muscle group, adding flexibility to specific joints or body parts (for example, lower back)
  • Overcoming specific challenges or roadblocks
  • Deepen meditation knowledge through specific books and other resource recommendations
  • Deepening knowledge of anatomy, muscle and joint function

While one 60-minute session is a special treat, we recommend meeting at least 5 times with one of our guides so that they can deepen and personalize your practice, hold you accountable, and provide on-going guidance.

Small Groups

Do you and a few others want to grow collectively? How about sharing a specific intention that you're looking to develop as a group? How about celebrating life and living (birthday anyone?) with us?

Our guides are here to help foster your meditation or yoga practice and to offer tools to you and a few others in a very comfortable, quiet, private setting.

Contact Us and Discover More

To learn more about MDitate's private, group or corporate meditation and yoga programs, and to find out more about how we can personalize your experience, please drop us a note.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. — Dalai Lama