Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear, what should I bring and when should I arrive for my first meditation session?

Come as you are! We have cubbies to store your belongings both in and outside of the studio. No need to bring your phone, but if you do we will check it in for you at the front desk. If you have the opportunity to wear comfortable clothing, that will be one less distraction. Come approximately 15 minutes before your class to check in, get comfortable, and enjoy a cup of tea.

How do I sign up for classes and workshops?

You don't need a reservation for classes. Head on over to our online schedule here. However, you will want to reserve workshops, special events, and private or group sessions. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a ring!

Can I attend MDitate if I’ve never meditated before? What’s a good class to try?

Absolutely! That's what we're here for. All classes are suitable for beginners, and our guides and staff are equipped to help you find classes that resonate with you. If you're looking for more personal instruction, we recommend looking into privates. If you wish to drop in at absolutely no obligation and just learn the basics, we recommend our 15 introduction classes. There are numerous throughout the week and yes, they're free!

What happens if I’m running late?

In order to respect the peace and quiet of the meditative space, our studio's meditation class will not be accessible after it begins. Not to worry, you’re more than welcome to hang out in our lobby, grab a complimentary cup of tea and a book from our shelves to pass the time until the next class.

Why meditate at a studio, rather than at home?

Like an instructor at a gym or exercise studio, MDitate is a place where an experienced guide will:

  • Give you encouragement to take the first step
  • Make learning enjoyable and less intimidating
  • Nurture an intimate, emotional connection
  • Teach the basics and introduce opportunities to dig deeper
  • Encourage you to persist despite any obstacles
  • Challenge and gently push you to new limits
  • Expose you to new techniques and styles
  • See your potential in a way that you may not see yourself
  • Keeps things fresh, even if you are an advanced practitioner
  • Build friendships and connect you to a broad community

Is there a minimum age requirement to attend MDitate?

  • To practice independent of parental supervision, you must be at least 16 years old, however a parent or guardian must sign off on the waiver if they are under 18.
  • If you’re between the ages of 12 and 15, you’re welcome to come to all classes except ‘Breathe’ with a parent or guardian, but please be respectful of the silence and stillness of the meditation space.

What are some of the benefits of meditation?

There have been literally hundreds of scientific studies done on the benefits of meditation but just to name a few, meditation can provide more focus, mental clarity, restful sleep, lower blood pressure, newfound gratitude and compassion, calmer disposition, and so much more! Check out our class descriptions and what each style caters towards.

How often should I meditate?

We recommend daily! Even if it’s for five minutes, we call that a win. What we aim to provide is a space for daily meditation to take place, as well as ways to go deeper in your regular practice.

How do I know if I’m meditating right?

There’s really no wrong way to meditate! With a consistent and guided practice you can begin to learn and integrate tools to facilitate the practice, which, over time, allows you to connect to yourself on a deeper level.

What if I’m uncomfortable sitting on the floor?

Not to fret, we have a built-in bench outfitted with cushions on one of the walls. We also offer a plethora of floor seating options to make your experience as comfortable as you desire.

Can I bring my phone into class?

We have a convenient cell phone cubby monitored by front desk personnel while you’re in class. We do require all cell phones to be checked in, but you can also leave them in your car if you prefer. Believe us, you’ll be grateful for the opportunity to disconnect!

All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone. — Blaise Pascal