Class Styles

Breathe Quiet your thoughts and calm your nervous system with this gently uplifting practice. Detach from life’s difficulties and distractions as you bring your attention to each inhale and every exhale. Benefits: physical, mental and emotional relaxation. With consistent practice: peace of mind (equanimity), more patience, less reactive (more responsive), increased calmness, forgiveness and self-acceptance, and better concentration
Breathe (pranayama) A class devoted to breathe control as a method to deepen meditation. Particularly beneficial in alleviating stress related disorders. Derived from prana (life force or breathe) + ayama (to restrain or control). Benefits: experience mindfulness in a new way. With consistent practice: stabilizes mood, enhances focus and mental stillness
Focus Let clutter and distraction fall from your mind as you are guided to focus on specific objects, ideas, or intentions. Benefits: physical, mental and emotional relaxation; more focus. With consistent practice: increased concentration and productivity, patience, and enhanced problem solving and creativity
Focus (mantra) A class devoted to the potentially powerful meditative practice of repeating certain sounds, words, or group of words that facilitate a focused and very deep meditative state. Benefits: physical, mental and emotional relaxation. With consistent practice: increased focus and productivity, confidence, patience, and enhanced well-being
Rest MDitate’s signature restorative class recharges and recalibrates your body and mind, invoking deep relaxation. Let go from your physical, mental and emotional restrictions, and breathe with ease (snoozing encouraged!). Yoga Nidra: Intentionally enter deep rest that lies between wakefulness and sleep. Yoga Nidra is deep rest straddling the worlds of wakefulness and sleep. This time and place is used to reflect on your sankalpa, or your intention, while engaging in body awareness. Benefits: enhanced sleep, ultimate relaxation, lower blood pressure, less worry, reduced anxiety, pleasant dreams
Reiki meditation A combination class with meditation and Reiki, a traditional alternative medicine technique that aims to cultivate qi (“chi”) as a means to promote healing and well being. Note that our Reiki masters may use use (voluntary) gentle, hands-on techniques in their classes. Benefits: a different but very simple way to restore physical and emotional balance. With consistent practice: less anxiety, easier transition away from tense life events, more calm and equanimity
QiGong Restore energy balance and stimulate mind and body with gentle, flowing movements. This is a very mild physical practice, suitable for all body types, that concludes with a guided meditation. No mats, special clothing or props required. Benefits: body and mind connection, stress release, greater flexibility and circulation. With consistent practice: improved balance and coordination, pain relief, core strength conditioning, general improvement in wellbeing
Visualize Use guided visualizations to focus concentration, build confidence, and improve mental and physical performance. Benefits: calm, inspiration, confidence, creative problem solving. With consistent practice: improved concentration, wellbeing, increased patience, less anxiety
Sound Healing Melt stress away as you bathe in a sea of sound healing vibrations. Classes may include the use of crystal singing bowls, guitar, tuning forks, gongs and more, all to (literally) attune you to a new vibration. Added bonus: research has found sound waves affect the human nervous system and decrease blood pressure more than other styles of meditation. Benefits: rest and relaxation, less stress, more creativity, serenity, and enhanced wellbeing
Mindfulness Learn to become more aware of the present, on purpose and without judgment, to cultivate acceptance of life events and non-attachment. Benefits: improved concentration and focus, possibly lowered blood pressure, migraine relief, reduced stress, better sleep, less reactivity, more patience, less anxiety, more compassion
Loving Kindness A guided meditation practice that teaches you how to love yourself unconditionally and then how to extend that unconditional love to others. Immediate benefits: feelings of love, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, and serenity. With consistent practice: increased compassion, kindness, empathy, patience, forgiveness, acceptance of the imperfections in you and others
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