Benefits of Partnership

Why Mindfulness at Work?

"Stay focused!" and "Pay attention!" You've probably said it or heard someone say it to you. Have you ever learned how to focus, be attentive, or be completely present? To produce, to create, to do anything really well - we need to concentrate and stay on task, often for long periods of time. Ironically, it's one of the most important life skills and few if any of us were given lessons at work or in school or taught by our parents to do this well.

Well, we have a secret that's not a secret at all. Becoming focused is a skill. And like any skill, it can be taught, it can be learned.


*Did you see the typo in this image? A little exercise in focus ☺

We learn by practicing techniques aimed to hone skills. Meditation is one of those techniques. But lucky for us, meditation does so much more...

This is where is gets very interesting, and very relevant to our work. The 'being here now' part of the brain – also called Executive Functioning– is enhanced during meditation. It's called "executive functioning" because this part of the brain:

  • Enhances our attention
  • Helps us focus
  • Enhances our organization
  • Helps us create solutions and solve problems
  • Sharpens our concentration

Who wouldn't wish to improve these abilities? Meditation can help us stay sharp and perform to our best.

Woman desk

Ok, you may not want to look like (or want your employees to do) this, but you get the point!

Benefits to Corporations

Corporations - their decisions, branding, customer service, marketing, relationships, and often their success - are projections of the awareness and sensitivity of their people.

Need some more inspiration? Please take a peek at these articles describing the "Who's Who" of big businesses that have incorporated formalized meditation training into their culture (click over the words):

The corporate benefits...

Google, Nike, Apple...

Mindfulness in corporate

Do you feel in good company? (no pun!)

With consistent meditation, you and your co-workers will:

  • Grow the brain's "executive functioning" described above
  • Reduce work stress, which improves their immune system, and reduces absenteeism
  • Become more productive
  • Become happier and calmer
  • Grow more empathic, a key component for team building

Business group

How This Works

We come to you

One of our experienced teachers/guides visit your workplace. (with or without cushions/mats – please let us know)

We offer sound healing, guided meditation, or be let's be creative – perhaps a mixture of several offerings – to your employees or team. Let us know for how long and for how often you wish for us to work with you. Keep in mind that lasting change occurs over time, habits must be reinforced with consistent behavior, consistent practice. Use us to help your employees start and maintain good habits.

Alternatively, you come to us

We have created a beautiful, serene space that can complement your event, or ongoing programming. Let us know your preference. We can cater up to 35 (seated) and 20 lying (ie, for yoga nidra or sound healing).

Your people feel good

Your company employees or team leave the class refreshed and energized, with a unique sense of camaraderie. The benefits are usually felt immediately. Lasting change, however, requires faithful commitment to developing their own practice, visiting us at MDitate, or continuing with your program at the workplace.

Your business is inspired and aware of the possibilities

Consistency builds habit. Healthy habits build healthy behavior. Healthy behavior builds a healthy life. Healthy employees create healthy companies.


Contact Us and Discover More

To learn more about MDitate's private, group or corporate meditation programs, and to find out more about how we can personalize your experience, please drop us a note.

Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. — Dolly Parton