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The MDitate Virtual Wellness Studio is now OPEN! A full spectrum of pre-recorded meditations are available FREE for you! Our pause in studio operations will not keep us disconnected. Please visit our YouTube Channel to browse these videos and discover a new way to cultivate peace of mind and calm at home.

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Where meditation meets the art and science of life

Meditation and the art of life

While we all live in the "classroom of life," what we learn may not bring us to a place of inner peace or fulfillment. We work longer, make more money, stay busy, and "friend" and connect virtually more. But along the way, we may lose a part of ourselves as we get caught up in the whirlwind. And we may even become a bit jaded or cynical. To escape the buzz of modern life, we vacation, shop, drink and eat in comfort, but this may still leave us unsettled and yearning as the deeper, more meaningful rewards of life slip by.

There may be a better way. A better way to work, to disengage from stress, to recharge yourself, to connect with, and to love others. Explore.

Meditation and the science of life

Meditation is a practice that enhances awareness about the transient nature of our thoughts, sensations and emotions. Meditation is not a religion or belief system. Rather, meditation is a practice, a discipline. With meditation, we become more patient, more accepting of the unexpected, and less prone to stress and suffering.

While meditation has an ancient origin, it's recently become mainstream, recognized for its profound effects on enhancing well-being and reducing stress. These health-enhancing effects are supported by an abundant amount of scientific evidence.

In addition to improving physical health, meditation is a powerful tool to nurture our emotions and mental outlook. With constant practice, we become more patient, calm, focused, and deepen our awareness of how we react to difficult people and life events. Explore.

Learn to be silent. Let your quiet mind listen and absorb. — Pythagoras